let there be art...

let there be art...

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Carrying my Art on my sleeve poem by Mea

This is life…that one is only a breath away 
From been a drop in the ocean 
A cry in the thunder & whimper in the rain
Who is but a seagull lost in the wind 
Seeking for that one thing that eludes us all
If time was kind and people were not vain
would this so called “life” still be so trivial
would we still call on the whole wide world 
This is Me, carrying my Art on my sleeve. 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Jakaranda kinderhuis liggie fees

So far we have sold 12 Paintings at the Jacaranda children home Liggie fees a must see....market is only open till 16 December from 6 to 10 with musicians singing and amazing Christmas lights . in East lynne pretoria

as to pricing and marketing of art

all i can say to those that are trying to sell their artwork and that are trying to get into the market ....speaking as one that have sold 283 paintings in 1 and a half years at Monte Casino over weekends, reason being that it was affordable to the regular guy on the street and that i was willing to bargain and was adaptable specialty when someone wants to take 2 or more paintings as sets, I am not saying sell your art for peanuts ! but why sit with a studio full of paintings and exhibits without any sales ? why have a formula that counts against you ?
yes we all want to be recognized and be classified as investment artist, but even they started out with their bread and butter lines, A artwork donated or given to friends is even worth it ... get your art out there.... it is worth noting stacked up in your studio's, when it is on someones walls the world see's it and you get referrals and further commissions. i find it sad that one is willing to loose a sale due to a given formula ,
i find it sad that artist try and try to get into galleries when there is the regular Joe on the street, why do we over look them, a lot of people say you should not associate with market artist sins their work is seen as inferior yet they have very little sales in their little clicks and just go about judging others that do what ever it takes to make a living out of their art. i implore my students and upcoming artist to loose that judgmental notion and to get your art in your Doctor , manager, associates offices, donate it to charities and museums, let your work be seen by the whole world ... we all have friends abroad, get your work out there... yes our time and effort is valuable, But so is Making a Name and sharing your lovely view and art with the world!!!! for me that is the crux of my creative journey !

new designs of Mea

Monday, August 3, 2015


Artist Date !!! Come with Mea to New Bethesda with a very special Concrete & glass workshop to Create your very own owls & figures just like Helen Martins, & Portrait oil Painting workshop of inspirational artist figure's like Hellen, Frieda Carlo, Modigliani,in a lovely art workshop

Deposit of R 495 books your spot between 10h00 & 17h00, meet in front of the owl house for this creative journey with Mea

Traveling & Accommodation must be arrange by yourself 

Call Mea on 0724154191 for more details & also see the created event when you search the heading with photos & you tube video's

There are various museums, donkey-cart rides, Art Centre's & arty shops, fossils Museum , bring along your paint supplies & poetry books and enjoy a well deserved time- out with us and book for a few days in this amassing artist setting. See you there

Friday, May 8, 2015

Intense 2 day workshop of Mea & Koos Bronkhorst finish 6 Paintings with certificate by Red door Training & art ebook

Reddoor training is giving this intense 2 day workshop with a certificate, art manual e-book, all material & lunch/snacks for 2 days @ Pretoria & it is designed for those who live far away to be exposed to all mediums & all genres from landscapes, seascapes to portraits, Tuscan bistro cafe & impasto effects whereby you finish 6 paintings & are able there after to paint independently. Students will also have a lucky draw between them to Win a Painting of Koos & Mea, Additional affordable frames will also be available during this time & credit card machine will also be there for easy payments 

From 30 to 31 May 2015 from 09H00 to 20H00 each day R2500 is the cost of the intense course, please contact Mea on 072 415 4191 to confirm that you will be attending the course, and to pay over a 50% deposit of R1250 sins there is limited space available. 

Koos Bronkhorst is a well known Classicist Artist that some collectors keenly invest in & Mea is well known as the tuscan street artist of Monte Casino with more than 15 years experience in training & teaching of the arts with demo based classes within a remarkably short time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mea's signature workshop: classic portrait & Tuscany bistro cafe classes in May 2015

Full day workshop: 2 paintings 9 May @ hap & 16 May in Centurion (with All material included) one being a classic Portraits with roses lace and pearls and the other a Tuscany bistro cafe.on this Saturday 9 May from 10 to 5 only R500 call Mea 0724154191 to book your spot in capital park Pretoria
students will also stand a change with a lucky draw to win a Painting of Mea.  

Under top 10 of Upcoming Artist award!!!!

what a amazing opportunity WE LOVE ART created for a upcoming artist award, it was a blessing truly to meet so many talented artist from all over South Africa, and i learned a lot and had some great constructive critic and advise from top Artist... it was truly a great learning curve and great exposure,    

Monday, February 23, 2015

to those that support you ...

As an artist it is a constant struggle be stay ahead of new trends and have something new and different up your sleeve and to never loose faith in your ability to  change the world in your small way ... and one tend to loos site of how one needs to inspire others  by being true to yourself ... and when you do loose sight of your dreams there are some loyal supporters to bring you back on track than sees in you what you fail to see yourself... and i thank you kindly for that Pieter & Lizl  hope you love your new commissioned works i did for you this year    Love Mea

Monti Casino what a blessing it was to me as an artist

remembering how good Monticasino was to me ... 2011 to 2013 sold 283 paintings there over weekends as a street artist ... it was the best times and met the greatest people from all over the world that took my paintings home as a reminder of the tuscan ambiance there... truly amassing times  ... to much to be thankfull for ..this is also a self potrait that i sold in this time to a total stranger. how blessed i felt

Friday, January 9, 2015

traveling red shoes

that i my travel then only in my dreams 
to these far- off lands my heart longs for 
with my red shoes & old tagged suitcase
sending postcards of by- gone times 
in a nostalgic delusion full of regrets 
and remember you then only  
by this idealistic notion 
my love 


Nostalgie is wat ons almal aanmekaar hou 
al die herhinderings en terug dink oomlike
dit se ons waar ons vandaan kom 
en waarheen ons nog moet gaan 
dit is wat alles die moeite werd maak 
en waaruit ons verlang na afstof dae
en die reuk van ou boeke wat hang 
soos wierook in n gypsy lair

na al die plekke waar ek wil gaan 
en al die plekke waar ek was
en dit waarvandaan ek nou wil vlug
deur Mea "my  Muse"

(Painting te koop mail my vir meer inligting)
klasse word ook gegee en travel ook na waar jy ook al is