let there be art...

let there be art...

Sunday, December 13, 2015

as to pricing and marketing of art

all i can say to those that are trying to sell their artwork and that are trying to get into the market ....speaking as one that have sold 283 paintings in 1 and a half years at Monte Casino over weekends, reason being that it was affordable to the regular guy on the street and that i was willing to bargain and was adaptable specialty when someone wants to take 2 or more paintings as sets, I am not saying sell your art for peanuts ! but why sit with a studio full of paintings and exhibits without any sales ? why have a formula that counts against you ?
yes we all want to be recognized and be classified as investment artist, but even they started out with their bread and butter lines, A artwork donated or given to friends is even worth it ... get your art out there.... it is worth noting stacked up in your studio's, when it is on someones walls the world see's it and you get referrals and further commissions. i find it sad that one is willing to loose a sale due to a given formula ,
i find it sad that artist try and try to get into galleries when there is the regular Joe on the street, why do we over look them, a lot of people say you should not associate with market artist sins their work is seen as inferior yet they have very little sales in their little clicks and just go about judging others that do what ever it takes to make a living out of their art. i implore my students and upcoming artist to loose that judgmental notion and to get your art in your Doctor , manager, associates offices, donate it to charities and museums, let your work be seen by the whole world ... we all have friends abroad, get your work out there... yes our time and effort is valuable, But so is Making a Name and sharing your lovely view and art with the world!!!! for me that is the crux of my creative journey !

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